Elite Protein Shake


French Vanilla, Strawberry/Creme, Chocolate Fudge) A source of protein derived exclusively from Whey Protein Isolate and provides one of the highest percentages of protein per serving, minimal carbohydrates and no fat. In addition, the product is Lactose-free, very low in sodium with no cholesterol. SOZA Protein shakes offer an effective means of supplementing the diet with a source of protein that has an excellent Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) and Biological Value (BV) available. Each 30 gram serving provides 26 grams of Protein, only 1 gram of Carbohydrates, No Lactose, No Fat and No Cholesterol. SOZA Protein is naturally sweetened with Stevia and uses flavor systems guaranteed to be free of MSG and other toxins.*

Choose from Chocolate or Vanilla.

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