Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Program

The Soza Clinic’s Membership Program gives a unique approach to Small & Medium Size businesses, and Corporations from a Health and Wellness perspective Wellness strategies are the best employee benefit for businesses because we apply unique proprietary supplements with individualized methods and counseling to deliver proven weight loss results, while reducing company and employee health costs*. This is demonstrated by our thousands of success stories and continuous doctor referrals. We provide your employees with individualized needs assessment and programs design followed by a weekly curriculum including detailed program instruction, nutrition information, and a simple yet effective behavior modification routine. It is a Win-Win for both the company and the employee. Our approach is a friendly but with a professional clinical experience to bring you healthcare products and continuous educational services.

Preventative Medicine is the Best Medicine.

Metabolic Assessments

  • Discover Underlying Symptoms
  • Mental and Physical Rejuvenations
  • Stress Level Indications
  • Specify Health Weaknesses
  • Support Health Improvement
  • Preventative Health Risks

Soza Clinic’s Wellness Services and Programs

  • Weight Loss Services
  • Vitamin B12 Shots
  • Anti-Aging methods
  • Nutritional Supplements

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Wellness statistics clearly show that such Employee Wellness Initiatives are not only cost-effective to the organization but can assist the employee in developing a healthier lifestyle*.

  • Reduce Employee Absenteeism
  • Increase Employee Confidence
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Enhance Job Performance
  • Employee Health Education
  • Proactive Awareness
  • Lower Susceptibility to Health Risks
  • Reduce Daily Life Stress

Soza Clinic is proud to be a member of the following Chambers of Commerce:

  • Southern New Jersey
  • Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce
  • Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce
  • Montgomery Chamber of Commerce
  • Camden County Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Cherry Hill Chamber of Commerce
  • Washington Township Chamber of Commerce

Please email if your business is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and would like to have more information.

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